700 news moorings in Port-Médoc

With 1500 moorings in the end, Port-Médoc is becoming the 3rd biggest marina on the Atlantic Coast, after La Rochelle and Arcachon!

We are very proud to announce that the construction of the new moorings started.

Stock of the situation

Since the group Port Adhoc took over Port-Médoc in 2013, about 300 new yachtsmen arrived at the marina. Today, Port-Médoc’s moorings are sold out; the extension is no longer optional.

Port-Médoc is building 700 new moorings, 150 of which will be delivered this winter. The construction started on November, 23rd 2015. They consist in:

  1. Hammering in new stakes. This stage will be over by the end of the week;
  2. Roads, electricity, promenade docks. This stage started at the beginning of the week and will last until mid-january.
  3. Laying of new pontoons. This stage will take place between mid-january and mid-february.

Ever since it was created in 2005, Port-Médoc is an eco-friendly marina: recycling of all wastes, energy savings, water quality. The ongoing construction site follows our commitment: a Quality and Safety Plan is respected by the selected working companies.

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