Port Adhoc in Soubise: welcome aboard!

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Summer slowly but surely coming back marks the resumption of an intense activity in our marinas and the welcoming of an increasing number of boaters.

The new season has come, which is the occasion to take stock of the situation of our marinas with our harbour masters. Antoine Poinsot, harbour master at Port Adhoc in Soubise, agreed to answer our questions.

When did the season start?

The season usually starts on April, 1st, with the reopening of our moorings; this means we start a little before the other harbours in the region. Since then, our activity has resumed to the usual and strong rhythm of launchings we know every year. As sunny days and holidays are coming back, an increasing number of boaters return to their navigation habits.

How does your marina work?

At Port Adhoc, every boater can find the solution that fit their navigation needs.

You own a sailboat, occasionally get on board during extended week-ends or the holidays heading to other harbours, and you are wishing to reduce considerably your maintenance costs (€500 to €1000 saved a year)? The “sailboat” formula, which consists in enjoying an annual berth with 5 to 10 launchings (back and forth), seems to be perfect.


You own a motorboat, you are willing to keep it in a permanent good condition and to enjoy unlimited sea outings all year? The “Port Adhoc” formula, which includes one year of storage on racks and unlimited launchings, is made for you. Your boat is ready to cast off within less than 5 minutes on a simple phone call.


You only sail during summer? The annual “mooring + wintering” formula will meet your needs. It allows you to benefit from a mooring during 6 to 7 months during summer and wintering on a berth in our marina in Soubise the rest of the year. Self-service dinghies allow you to have an access to your boat at any time.


You only need a parking spot for your boat? Our “parking” formula will satisfy you: with this solution, you can profit by a berth with water and electricity terminals. This formula is available for a week, a month, a semester or a whole year.

Besides, handlings are possible for wintering or minor repairs on your boat.


How much does place cost?

The price depends on the formula you chose and the boat category (size). We wake a point of getting to know the boater’s navigation needs, and then we suggest the formulas and services that fit their expectations.

What are the advantages of the basin in Soubise?

– In Soubise, the water body is protected and calm. Our moorings and our marina are not confronted to gales. Moreover, the pontoons allow boaters to moor serenely during victuallings. This serenity of the water body is extremely attractive for our yachtsmen, particularly for beginners who can therefore take all the time they need for manoeuvres.

– The water body is also diversified with numerous moorings and possible ports of call in the surrounding area (île d’Oléron, île d’Aix or île de Ré). By subscribing to an annual formula at Port Adhoc, the boater can also enjoy free calls at the Port-Médoc marina, in the mouth of the Gironde estuary.

– Last but not least, the water body is “convivial, homelike and familial”. Upon arrival at the marina, the boaters are always welcomed by the harbour master or by his assistant, unlike on classic afloat harbours where you often meet no member of staff whatsoever. Human connections and a quality service and welcoming are the very heart of the values that we all share at Port Adhoc.

What kinds of services are available close to the Port Adhoc marina in Soubise?

Within the immediate proximity of the marina, you can find shops, restaurants, sanitary facilities, a camping site, as well as different experts whose core business is leisure boating (welder, diesel mechanic, chandler, joiner, electrician…). It is therefore possible to perform professional maintenance on your boat in the best welcoming conditions!

The last word?

In Soubise, we are proud to be able to welcome boaters in a human-sized marina. Add the serenity and the Charente’s great beauty of wilderness, isn’t that the best one can hope for?

Soubise, May 25th 2015.

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