Port Adhoc supports Guirec and Monique towards Greenland

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Port Adhoc is Guirec Soudée’s and his chicken Monique’s partner for their extraordinary trip around the world. Their next call? Greenland.

After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean “in 28 days and 25 eggs” and calling at Saint-Barthelemy to refurbish his sailing boat Yvinec, Guirec Soudée, a 23-year-old Breton who is passionate about sailing and crazy about adventure, is heading toward Greenland. His tireless chicken Monique will be accompanying him through this incredible adventure once again.

Their latest project consists in fulfilling Guirec’s childhood dream: “exploring Greenland’s extreme, frozen and remote areas”. Therefore, they left Saint-Barthelemy’s coasts yesterday, they will be sailing along the American Eastern coasts before calling mid-July at Halifax, Canada. They should get to Greenland and get in touch with the Inuit within about thirty days.

When they get there and Yvinec is imprisoned in ice, Guirec and Monique will make the most of 6 to 8 weeks (among which 3 in total night) to discover the Inuit culture, immerse themselves in the Inuit way of life, learn their hunting and fishing techniques in the arctic environment (the temperatures can reach -60°C/-76°F!).

Guirec doesn’t lack humor as he describes his projects: under-ice diving, hiking in sealskin to meet seals, caribous, belugas etc., trying to train a seal to go fishing for them…

The adventure that this uncommon couple is sharing meets a great success, and Guirec often lets children visit his boat during calls. It will also be the occasion for him to make a documentary about their life in autarky and to talk about his adventurous life in schools when his journey is over. A book for children is also underway, it is part of a bigger project: the book series Chicken Monique’s Round-The-World Trip.

However, Guirec’s desire for adventure is far from quenched: by next spring, when Yvinec is delivered from the arctic ice, Guirec and Monique will set to sail across the Pacific Ocean through the Northwest Passage.

Follow their incredible adventure on the Facebook page Voyage d’Yvinec or on their website.

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