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PORT ADHOC is the leading French dry stack marinas company and one of the first private companies in yacht harbour management

Boats are disposed on racks, unlimited launching in 5 minutes, 365 days a year, yachtsmen can board safely on our pontoons.

Yachtsmen subscribe on a yearly basis so they can enjoy the unlimited launching throughout the year. In order to go out, you just need to call, if possible the day before (or on the very day) to warn the marina manager. He will ensure the launching before your arrival in the marina. Then, all you need to do is jump in your boat! On your way back, your boat will be managed by the marina teams again, cleaned and stored on the racks.

This technic -directly imported from the United-States (they were using it already in the 60’s)- made the most of the handling equipment development and has been largely democratized in Asia, New Zealand, Spain, and to a lesser extent, France.

Beware however: there should be no confusion with this technic and winterization or the “D system” of some professionals with waterfront grounds. Dry racks marinas require high investments to be recovered on a long-term basis, that is why we consider that a dry racks marina will never be profitable below 200 boats.

How it works

The dry stack Marina with racks is exclusively available for motor boats (sailing boats don’t allow fast hefting and storage) up to 9m, 10m on some of our specific marinas.

Why store my boat in a Port Adhoc dry stack marina?


Availability: No need to wait for years for a marina berth!

Security: More and more yachtmen face vandalism: motor or boat theft, nights visits etc. Moreover, tied to a mooring line, a boat is exposed to streams, tides, storms… In our racks, your boat will be safe, stored on steel inside our fenced, secured site.

Flexibility: Launching 7 days a week within minutes. Despite important tides on the Atlantic coast, the dry stock marina offers more flexibility than a regular marina: Paimpol for instance, you will gain around 45 minutes on regular marina’ schedules.

For maintenance economy:A boat stored all year long in the water needs an yearly careenage. It is not the case for boats stored on racks: less pollution, oil leaks immediately spottde, up to €500 saved on the antifouling, change of anodes every 5 years only, no problem caused by humidity. With our solution, your boat is rinsed every time you use it and will stay stored perfectly dry.

Dry Stacks FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to Dry Stack Marinas.

No. Our engines and racks are equipped with specific and developed dry stack marina equipment. Our forklift trucks have adjustable forks in order to fit with every boat. Our teams are specially trained to softly, carefully ensure the handling, with a very big precision.
Yes. Your boat is available 24h/24, 365 days a year. You just need to call the marina the day before or the very day, in order to warn our teams. They will launch your boat in less than 5 minutes. Once your boat is moored on our pontoons, it is at your own disposal. Some of our marinas nonetheless, depend on tides. If you decide to use your boat out of schedule (during the night for instance), you just red to warn us the day before. We will let your boat moored at our potoon the evening, just before closing the marina. You will be following the same procedure on your way back.
No. Our subscriptions include unlimited launching.
Yes. At your request, your boat will be put on the ground on cradles so you can easily have an access. Our marinas are equipped with water and electricity distrution pedestals: feel free to tinker!
Yes. At your request, we will network you with our partners and we will make sure all the tasks you asked for will be well completed (equipment changes, repairs, handling).
Yes. A boat in a dry stack marina doesn’t need antifoulings, you need to renew the anodes only once a year, a lot of different electrical and mechanical problems due to humidity disappeares, osmosis is inexistent. Finally, the systematic hull and motor rinsing effectively limits salt corrosion.
Yes. Our subscriptions are multi marinas. If you are customer of one of our marinas, you can have a berth without any extra cost on our entire network. In time, we can organize your boat transfer.
Yes. Contrary to regular marinas, dry stack marinas are closed sites where boats are stored sometimes up to 6 meters high. With this height, motor theft are almost impossible. Furthermore, Port Adhoc is actually working on a new anti intrusion and alarm system.
Yes. The parent compagny is a Simplified joint stock compagny) which comprises to its capital trustful stockholders and work with market-reputed banks.
Yes. We are working on a lot of differents sites on the littoral, in partnership with local communities. We are considering of building almost 5000 berths throughout next years, wich represents approximately 15 marinas. We will inform you about new openings. (You can contact us specifying the place of your own convenience so we can inform you on some coming news)”.
We host all type of motor boats (outboard, inboard, open, helmsman, rigid inflatable boat), up to 8,50 meters long and 3 meters wide. For the larger boats, thank you for contacting us directly so we can check if our installations fit your demand.
For some of them, Yes. Our marinas located on the Atlantic coast depend on the tides. We invite you to contact us for further informations: our marinas allow to benefit from wide output amplitude.
Yes, a boat handling in a dry stack marina is systematically below what a regular marina offers.Our dry stack marinas comply with sustainable development principles and respect of the environment.