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The Journey of Atanahoué

The Journey of Atanahoue: Chapter 1, question 1

In these unprecedented times, navigation is forbidden to us. However, let's not deprive ourselves of dreaming it, of imagining it. We would like to invite you to participate with us in an imaginary journey during the next few weeks, while waiting for us to meet again around the first navigations of the season.

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Technique and tips

Anchoring: how to choose your boat's anchor

Sail along the coast, in a sailboat or motorboat. Spend a day in a bay, alone in the world. Have lunch and disembark to visit an island. Stay one night in a cove and admire the sunset. Spend part of the night away from the other boats, with only the sound of the surf and the lapping of the hull of your boat. Indeed, all these activities are a dream for any yachtsman. However, they all depend on the proper anchoring of your boat and the choice of your anchor.

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