Initially specialized in the operation of dry stack marinas, Port Adhoc has successfully diversified its activity in the management of marinas.

Port Adhoc operates Port Médoc and Port Napoleon. Our ports afloat comply with the key words “zero emissions“:

  • Runoff collection from the careening area and treatment before discharge (decanter system, slush and oil removal),
  • zero discharge wastewater system,
  • Free boat sewage pump station (black and gray water),
  • Recovery of runoff from parking lots and treatment before discharge.

Our will to pursue a sustainable application and research policy for a quality environment has been rewarded in 2013 with the label “Pavillon Bleu”(Blue Flag). This is why we are committed alongside our customers to respecting a quality charter.

Our marinas

Our marinas can accommodate:

  • Sailboats as well as motorboats,
  • monohulls as well as catamarans or trimarans,
  • small units of less than 5 meters as well as speedboats or large vessels longer than 40 meters.

The charter of the Pavillon Bleu Label

The sea encompasses the riches of nature and is home to many life forms, while feeding man and helping him dream. Despite its tremendous size, it is a fragile space.

  1. The yachtsman who flies the European Blue Flag knows that the dumping at sea, in the river or in the harbour of solid litter (bottles, plastics…) or liquid waste (detergents, oils…) is a physical and aesthetic attack of the natural environment; that is why he uses the relevant equipment available at berth.
  2. He is aware that he must preserve aquatic life by respecting protected areas, not disturbing nesting areas, and not chasing animals.
  3. He knows that untimely moorings can also lead to the degradation of aquatic bottoms and ecosystems. He limits the use of fishing gear that may cause excessive predation on the fish fauna.
  4. He knows that seas and rivers are a common heritage, with multiple uses (boating, fishing, swimming…). That is why the yachtsman who flies the European Blue Flag abides by the elementary rules of courtesy that prevail at sea, on the river or in a lake, respecting both the individuals who use it for pleasure and the ones who make a living from it.
  5. He shows solidarity with the cleanliness and preservation of the aquatic environments and alters the competent authorities about violations of the integrity of these environments he might come to witness, because a pollution quickly identified is also quickly treated.
  6. The yachtsman flying the European Blue Flag Boater acts as a relay of the ideas prevailing in this charter. Through his responsible behaviour, he is an example for the users of natural environments he will have the opportunity to come into contact with.
  7. Would you like to commit to respect marine environments? If so, please return the yachtsman charter to us today. Along with your cheque of 19 euros, you will help fund the Blue Flag campaign. To thank you for your commitment, a flag for your boat will be shipped to you.