About us

PORT ADHOC is the French leader of the dry stack marina industry and one of the very first private actors in Marina management.

The company was founded late 2004 in order to develop a network of dry stack marinas in France to meet the shortage of berths and solve the difficulties encountered to build new marinas. Dry stack marinas are a global solution to issues such as financial and qualitative land valuation, upgrading port infrastructure, economic development, landscape integration, developing environmentally-friendly activities. PORT ADHOC then diversified in the management of marina.

The company has built and is currently operating 4 dry stack marinas, 1 mooring area, 1 marina of 1500 berths, and 1 port with both afloat and ashore capacity, i.e. a total of more than 4500 berths.

As an investor, builder and operator of ports, Port Adhoc aims to continue the development of its activities through organic growth, by building or renovating new marinas.

Growing with partners

PORT ADHOC prides itself for developing its projects in partnership with professionals and local institutions.

The challenge in developing and operating each of its dry stack marinas or in taking over the management of assets, has been to reconcile the interests of all stakeholders, and to build on their complimentary and own characteristics.

The impact on the economic vitality is even more leveraged.

Management team

Stéphane Audoynaud

Managing Director

Gilles Tersis