Know How

Port Adhoc is a management infrastructure company dedicated to boating : The group can operate any kind of boat infrastructures : Marina, Dry stack marina, Boatyard or Mooring area.

Our know-how is centered on :

  • feasibility studies for the construction, or taking over of new assets
  • project conception, development and financing
  • negotiations with communities and relevant State offices in order to get authorizations, investment subsidies and concession agreements

Regarding dry stacks marinas, Port Adhoc has developped a specific expertise:

  • Land search and selection
  • Implementation and impact studies
  • Landscape integration
  • Construction and project management
  • Financial engineering and establishment of funding
  • Marketing & operations

Dry stack marinas

Our racks, manufactured by the French company Provost or JOLY, are designed and certified for their resistance to the marine environment: water, salt and strong winds. Their design complies with the standards in force (FEM 10.2.02, EUROCODE 1), para-seismic and guaranteed against winds of more than 150 Km/h.

You are:

A community or a public institution?

If you are interested in: the installation of a dry stack marina in your town, or by the renovation and management of your Marina, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise and help you.

A Private entity?

If you own a piece of land by the water, if you want to develop your real estate asset or if you have an asset to promote or operate, we are available to discuss further.