The Journey of Atanahue – Chapter 1, question 1

The Journey of Atanahue – Chapter 1, question 1

Chapter 1 – the very first time

Dear boater

In these unprecedented times, navigation is forbidden to us. However, let us not deny ourselves the pleasure of dreaming and imagining it. 
We would like to invite you to share with us an imaginary journeyduring the next few weeks, while waiting to meet again around the first navigations of the season. 

“I’ve been dreaming about my life for months and months, yet I’m really living it.”

Bernard Moitessier, The Long Road

Synopsis – The Journey of Atanahue

In times of confinement, Atanahue is deprived of one of his greatest joys, navigation. Days and weeks are passing by and Atanahue remembers: his first navigation, his first companions on the sea, his first tastes and smells. Atanahue came out from this sweet nostalgia with a certitude: he had to go back on the sea and fulfil his greatest dream…

Help us write Atanahue’s adventure

Every day we will ask you a question about your own experience at sea, your adventures, your history. Your answers will help us, together, to build Atanahue’s extraordinary story.
These different questions will be gathered around major topics and each week, a new topic will be covered.
It is your story: you will be invited to vote for your favourite answers every week.

You are free

If some day a question is particularly inspiring to you, feel free to answer it several times. On the opposite, if another day, a question speaks less to you, do not hesitate to answer it later on or to leave it aside, you will probably be more inspired by the next day’s one. All your answers are anonymous.

From constraint, creativity is born

We know how difficult this unprecedented period can be. So, in order to feed your imagination, we will share with you daily inspiring artworks of all kinds.

Chapter 1 – the very first time

This week, we are starting at the genesis: your personal stories, your experiences, your emotions will constitute the memories of Atanahue. To discover and answer the first question, click here.

Story of the day -Guirec and his hen, Monique

In 2013, Guirec Soudée, a young Breton from Plougrescant, and Monique, his ginger hen, begin their amazing adventure.
Supported by Port Adhoc, the two acolytes travel the seas of the world aboard their steel sailboat named Yvinec in homage to the small island where Guirec lives. He begins his Atlantic crossing with stops in Spain, Portugal, Madeira and then the Canary Islands before reaching Greenland, where he remains trapped in the ice for 130 days with his faithful Monique, far from being a sissy. 

“I spoke to Monique every day. We played hide-and-seek in the boat. She looked at me funny when I listened to music. It’s a good thing she was there. ” (Interview by

Then, he crossed the perilous Northwest Passage, set sail for the Deep South, weathered by storms in the most extreme latitudes, rounded Cape Horn, reached Antarctica before starting a long return to Brittany. For Guirec and his faithful Monique, the sea has always been an obvious choice. What about you? When did you hear its call? Tell us about your adventures by answering the first question.

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➡️ TO READ : “Have hen will travel: the man who sailed round the world with a chicken”, The Gardian

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