The Journey of Atanahue – Chapter 1, question 2

The Journey of Atanahue – Chapter 1, question 2

Chapter 1 – the very first time

Dear boaters,

There are nearly forty of you who have shared with us the story of your first experiences on the sea … Thank you! You will find below some of them:

“I was sixteen years old and had just joined the French Navy school in Brest.  (…) On that first day, I wondered how such a complex machine could evolve so lightly and elegantly.”

“I was then 6 or 7 years old. My mother and I had joined my father, a merchant seaman on his cargo ship that was taking us from Marseille to Dunkirk. During those days at sea I discovered the ever-changing landscape of the sea as far as the eye could see.”

“In August 1966, on a catboat, I was 14 years old, and it was my first solo crossing from Suzac beach to Port-Bloc, on a beautiful summer afternoon with a nice sea breeze.”

You will discover all of the answers to the first question next Saturday during the weekly vote. And now, let’s continue our journey with the second question: your first boat…

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Chapter 1 / Question 2 – my first boat

It is a very special relationship that a sailor builds with his boat. Today, it is this relationship we are going to focus on in order to imagine, based on your testimonies, Atanahue’s ship.
More than a simple boat, it is a true companion we choose, name and cherish as we navigate…

“It is therefore the love story between me and my boat, with the emotions born from this long companionship, that I am going to tell”Eric Tabarly told in Mémoires du Large

And you, what is the story that unites you with your first boat? ➡️ To answer, click here.

Story of the day  Hermione, the Freedom Frigate

Because the first ship that made us dream is not always the one we owned, we are going to focus today on an exceptional ship: the Hermione.

The Hermione was able to unleash passions.
Designed by the engineer Henri Chevillard, it was born in 1778 in the Arsenal Maritime of Rochefort. It belongs to the family of “12’s frigates” (light frigates equipped with cannons firing 12-pound cannonballs), including La Concorde and La Courageuse.

The “Frégate de la Liberté” owes its fame to its illustrious companion, Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette, who left the Arsenal in 1780 to travel to the United States, which was fighting the Independence War against England.

In 1980, a few passionate friends took the crazy gamble of bringing this legendary ship back to life, on the very same place it had been designed 200 years earlier: this was the birth of the Hermione-La Fayette Association. In 2015, after 20 years of work and 30 million euros of investment, the Hermione follows the path of her illustrious elder by sailing from Rochefort to Boston.

Today, it is possible to visit her in Rochefort in the Arsenal des Mers, or to see her on certain occasions, like our boaters from Port Adhoc Soubise who have been able to sail alongside it on the Charente.

And you, what is the history of the first boat? Tell us by answering the second question.

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