The Journey of Atanahue – Chapter 1, question 4

The Journey of Atanahue – Chapter 1, question 4

Chapter 1 – the very first time

Dear boaters,

We are now 60 boaters on board for this collective adventure … THANK YOU! And today, let’s make up the crew.

Chapter 1 / Question 4 – the crew of my dreams

Whether solo or accompanied, sailing or motoring, there are many ways to navigate! Let’s take a look at your fellow travelers.

If you had to choose the members of your crew, who would you pick? Explorer and navigator, modern or contemporary, give free rein to your imagination: with which legend(s) would you like to set off on an adventure? ➡️ To answer, click here.

The Port Adhoc selection – Fernand, Thor et Florence

Today we went through the same exercise and we have built the crew we would dream of sailing with:

1 – Fernand DE MAGELLAN

It is alongside the explorer who shaped his legend by achieving one of the greatest feats in the history of navigation that we would like to set sail. Fernand de Magellan, the first explorer to prove, between 1519 and 1522, that it is possible to circumnavigate the world by sea. 


The second person with whom we would like to board would be Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian who decided to sail from Peru to Polynesia in 1947 with a balsa wood raft as his only boat.
The purpose of this expedition was to prove to his contemporaries that the American Indians – and not the western men – were the original inhabitants of this group of islands in the Pacific. This theory was supported by the expedition of Kon-Tiki Viracocha, the Indian chief who, according to the legends of the island of Fatu Hiva, left Callao on a raft and let himself be carried by the easterly winds. 

3 – Florence ARTHAUD

“The solo sailor juggles chance and technique, knowledge and the unknown, the innate and the acquired,” said Florence Arthaud. It is with the “Little Fiancée of the Atlantic”, the first woman to win the Route du Rhum in 1990, that we would like to board. At only twenty years of age, she crossed the Atlantic for the first time. In a harsh environment with a reputation for being masculine, Florence Arthaud found her place and opened the way for women, proving that sailing belongs to no gender.

And you, who would you take with you to this adventure? Tell us while answering the fourth question.

As a reminder, the answers to your questions are intended to serve, together, to build the formidable imaginary adventure of Atanahue, a young sailor dreaming of setting off on an adventure after a long period of confinement. To discover all your answers for the week and vote for your favourites, see you next Saturday. In the meantime, you can find the description of Atanahue’s Journey by clicking here.

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