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Hotel Restaurant Les Trois Voiles


Hotel and restaurant in Port Saint Louis du Rhône

Gourmet meals, selected wines, pleasure and enjoyment

The Camargue is a unique delta, where the river, the land and the sea embrace and mix.
This exceptional biosphere reserve offers passers-by the opportunity to see pink flamingos, migratory birds, bulls and horses in the manades in a relaxing atmosphere. In the heart of this preserved environment, gourmet treasures await you: fish and shellfish, of course, but also vines, present since antiquity, fleur de sel and rice.
Port Napoléon welcomes, restores and accommodates all those who come across this meeting place: the Camarguais, the sailor coming from the open sea, the tourist discovering the region, the worker taking a break.
A marina, a refit port, a wintering port, Port Napoléon is all of these things at once, a place of life with a unique, plural and atypical identity, anchored in its exceptional environment.
At the restaurant Les 3 Voiles, time takes a gourmet break. You will find authentic land and sea dishes, made with high quality products, carefully prepared by our teams, for your greatest pleasure.


Find our selection to take away for a quick lunch, an impromptu aperitif or a dinner in the comfort of your hotel room.
On themenu,boards,sandwiches,salads,hotdishes, dessertsbut alsowines, beers andsoftdrinks .


The Entries

  • Mussels au gratin x12 10

    garlic, parsley and Espelette pepper butter

  • Queen of the Camargue Oysters x6 10

    of Carteau's fishponds n°3

  • Ferrigno fish soup 10

    saffron rouille, croutons

  • Home made terrine of the moment 8

    gherkins and small white onions

  • Plate of mature cheeses 8

    fig jam, walnut kernels

Plates to share

  • Plate of cold cuts 16

    Serrano ham, chorizo, bull sausage, lomo

  • Plate of mature cheeses 14

    fig jam, walnut kernels

  • Aperitif plate 15

    artisanal charcuterie and matured cheeses


  • Caesar salad 14

    romaine, breaded chicken filet, croutons, parmesan shavings

  • Salad from the sea 15

    marinated red mullet fillets, mussels from Carteau, prawns, mesclun

  • Octopus salad 16

    lettuce, saffron, peppers and potatoes

Our salads are also available as starters.


  • Mussels from the Viviers de Carteau 14

    and home fries

  • Sliced cuttlefish 19

    in parsley, Camargue rice, sautéed vegetables

  • Lime marinated prawns 19

    seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes with fresh thyme

  • Grilled wild fish according to availability 22

    bass or sea bream 350g, Camargue rice, sautéed vegetables

  • Napoleon Burger 16

    180g Charolais steak, bacon, cheddar, homemade burger sauce, fries, green salad

  • Famous Charolais steak tartare 16

    condiments and French fries

  • Skewer of leg of lamb 20

    garlic cream, mashed potatoes, green salad

  • Grilled bull entrecote 250g 21

    buttermilk, French fries, green salad

  • Vegetarian burger 13

    grilled aubergine and courgette, tomato, potato pancake, cheddar

  • Dish of the day 13

The Menus

  • Formula of the day 13,50

    dish of the day with coffee

  • Children's menu 9

    Homemade chicken or cod nuggets, fresh fries, salad, a scoop of homemade ice cream, water syrup. For children under 12 years old.


  • Tarte tatin 7

    vanilla bourbon ice cream

  • Dark chocolate fondant 6


  • Crème brûlée 6
  • Apricot Thyme Dome 7
  • Gourmet coffee or tea 7
  • Ice cream and sorbets 5

    two balls and whipped cream

  • Dessert of the day 5

Ice cream sundaes

  • Liège coffee or chocolate 7

    Vanilla, coffee or chocolate ice cream, whipped cream

  • Captain 8

    Rum raisin ice cream, vanilla, amber rum

  • Colonel 8

    Lemon, lime and vodka ice cream

  • Napoleon 8

    Mandarin sorbet, Mandarin Napoleon liqueur

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