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Hotel Restaurant Les Trois Voiles


Hotel and restaurant in Port Saint Louis du Rhône

Gourmet meals, selected wines, pleasure and enjoyment

The Camargue is a unique delta, where the river, the land and the sea embrace and mix.
This exceptional biosphere reserve offers passers-by the opportunity to see pink flamingos, migratory birds, bulls and horses in the manades in a relaxing atmosphere. In the heart of this preserved environment, gourmet treasures await you: fish and shellfish, of course, but also vines, present since antiquity, fleur de sel and rice.
Port Napoléon welcomes, restores and accommodates all those who come across this meeting place: the Camarguais, the sailor coming from the open sea, the tourist discovering the region, the worker taking a break.
A marina, a refit port, a wintering port, Port Napoléon is all of these things at once, a place of life with a unique, plural and atypical identity, anchored in its exceptional environment.
At the restaurant Les 3 Voiles, time takes a gourmet break. You will find authentic land and sea dishes, made with high quality products, carefully prepared by our teams, for your greatest pleasure.


The Entries

  • Sardine rillettes 7

    fleur de sel de Camargue, chives

  • Homemade Bull Terrine 8

    gherkins and small white onions

  • Ferrigno fish soup 10

    saffron rouille, croutons

  • Mussels au gratin x12 10

    garlic, parsley and Espelette pepper butter

  • Queen of the Camargue Oysters x6 10

    of Carteau's fishponds n°3

  • Homemade duck foie gras half-cooked, 12

    onion confit, toasted gingerbread

Plates to share

  • Iberian sausage plate 14

    Serrano ham, terrine, chorizo, salchichón Bellota

  • Plate of mature cheeses 8

    fig jam, walnut kernels

  • Aperitif plate 15

    Iberian sausages and matured cheeses


  • Caesar salad 14

    Romaine, breaded chicken fillet, croutons, parmesan shavings

  • Octopus salad 16

    paprika, peppers and steamed potatoes

  • Salad from the sea 15

    marinated red mullet fillets, mussels from Carteau, prawns, mesclun


  • Mussels from the Viviers de Carteau 13

    and home fries

  • Sliced cuttlefish 19

    in parsley

  • Grilled wild fish according to availability 21

    bass or sea bream 350g

  • Burger Napoleon 15

    180g Charolais steak, bacon, cheddar, homemade burger sauce

  • Famous Charolais steak tartare 16

    condiments and fresh chips

  • Charolais entrecote 250g grilled 21

    butter butler

  • Roast duck breast from the South West 19

    honey and balsamic vinegar reduction

  • Vegetarian burger 13

    grilled aubergine and courgette, tomato, potato pancake, cheddar

  • Seasonal vegetable crumble 13

    Parmesan Reggiano

  • Dish of the day 13

The Menus

  • Formula of the day 13,50

    dish of the day with coffee

  • Children's menu 9

    Breaded chicken or cod fillet, fresh chips, salad, fruit compote. For children under 12 years old.


  • Tarte tatin 7

    vanilla bourbon ice cream

  • Crème brûlée 6
  • Banana flambé 6

    with rum

  • Gourmet coffee or tea 7
  • Dessert of the day 5
  • Ice cream and sorbets 5

    two balls and whipped cream

Ice cream sundaes

  • Captain 8

    Rum raisin ice cream, vanilla, amber rum

  • Colonel 8

    Lemon, lime and vodka ice cream

  • Williamine 8

    Pear sorbet, Poire Williams St Florian

  • Liège coffee or chocolate 8

    Coffee or milk chocolate ice cream, whipped cream

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