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Port Adhoc is expanding in Europe by adding three new marinas to its network of ports

Port Adhoc is expanding in Europe by adding three new marinas to its network of ports

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The Group Port Adhoc,the leading private player in the management of port infrastructures dedicated to pleasure boating in France, has integrated the three marinas of the Dutch Group Thuishavens into its network.

The Dutch Thuishavens Group has three marinas located near Amsterdam and Rotterdam: Marina Muiderzand, Jachthaven Naarden and Jachthaven Bruinisse. By integrating these marinas into its network, the Group Port Adhoc now has 8,600 dry and afloat berths in the Western Mediterranean, Atlantic, English Channel and North Sea. 

In parallel with the extension of its network of ports in France and Europe, the Group Port Adhoc intends to continue implementing its strategy of supporting marinas in their transformation. Indeed, as this transformation is based on the modernisation of the various port management tools, Port Adhoc designs, develops and deploys a series of technological projects to improve management processes, infrastructure maintenance and customer relations. All these new technologies are fully integrated into a new customer relationship management tool developed by Port Adhoc since the end of 2017: VEGA. 

VEGA is a multi-support web application (computer, tablet and smartphone), including all the functionalities necessary for the management of a marina. It takes the form of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) including both classic management modules (administrative management, commercial relations, invoicing and customer accounting, etc.) as well as innovative infrastructure management modules (dynamic mapping of the port and bathymetry, WiFi broadcasting, water and electricity networks, surveillance and secure access).

"This new management platform will enable us to digitalise our customer relations and offer new services to our customers in line with current consumer trends. The aim is to make this platform the digital gateway to the entire port and tourist ecosystem. It will also be connected to the various innovative port facilities that we are putting in place, such as the network of connected eco-horns allowing for the rational management of fluids, which we have developed in partnership with professionals in the sector," explains Gilles Tersis, Chairman of the Group Port Adhoc.

Ultimately, Port Adhoc aims to offer boaters a comprehensive "boating experience" by connecting all the players in the port and tourist ecosystem. In fact, to facilitate the navigation of yachtsmen and to welcome a new clientele, more interested in use than in ownership, Port Adhoc is testing new innovative service offers such as the creation of Boat Clubs operating on a subscription basis, the structuring of the service offered by one or more networks of professionals or the setting up of a one-stop shop offering customers a wider range of leisure activities, in addition to the simple reservation of a mooring.

Thus, the merger of Port Adhoc and Thuishavens will enable the mutualisation of investments linked to the adaptation of the various existing services and the implementation of new offers in line with new consumer trends in all the ports of the network.Discover the network's ports Port Adhoc

About Port Adhoc

Port Adhoc is a private group that has been developing and managing marinas in France and Europe for the past 15 years. Today, the Group operates 10 marinas in France and the Netherlands: 5 marinas (Port-Médoc, Port-Barcarès, Jachthaven Naarden, Marina Muiderzand and Jachthaven Bruinisse), 3 dry ports on racks in Paimpol (22), Bayonne-Anglet (64) and Leucate (11) and finally 2 mixed ports: Port Napoléon (13) and Soubise (17) These different assets represent a total of approximately 8,600 berths. In a rapidly changing market that is moving from a logic of ownership to a logic of use, Port Adhoc aims to support the territories in promoting their leisure offer and thus make boating accessible not only to enthusiasts, but also to a wider public and across generations. This is why the Group is developing and deploying commercial management tools and innovative port facilities that will make it possible to offer these new experiences to boaters. 

Jachthaven Bruinisse

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