Port Adhoc is a private and unlisted company. Its shareholders are private individuals and legal entities, as well as investment funds that allow Port Adhoc to finance its development as marina infrastructures require significant investments.
Logo Naxicap
is the private equity branch of the BPCE group and manages 1,5 billion euros. With a portfolio of more than 200 companies, Naxicap finance operations up to €70 M in companies belonging to various sectors.

In France and globally, our teams create, build and renovate infrastructure and buildings in the service of territories. With their expertise and their ability to work together, the 9,000 men and women of NGE address and anticipate changes in their professions with confidence and by being closer to clients. With a turnover of 1,6 billion euros, NGE is an independent French company that articulates itself around the construction trades and is involved in the construction of major infrastructure and urban or proximity projects.
Logo Nextstage
is an independent company of private equity with more than EUR 300 million under management. It assists more than 50 entrepreneurs in the development of their own business. The management company welcomes the financial holding of the Pinault and Amundi Group within its capital, alongside its managing partners.
Management is a management company approved by the Financial Markets Authority, composed of 3 funds and linked to the Crédit Coopératif Group. It contributes to the development of 120 unlisted French SMEs by investing €100K to €1M to their equity.
Logo caisse des dépôts
The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
contributes to the financing of growth-generating projects for the development of the territories, on the French coasts in particular.