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Port Napoléondeconfliction measures & resumption of navigation

Port Napoléondeconfliction measures & resumption of navigation

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Dear boaters, 

Following the latest government announcements, we are pleased to confirm that you will be able to navigate again as of Monday, May 11.

Resumption of navigation & sea travel 

The Préfecture Maritime de Méditerranée published on May 7, 2020 the new decree n° 062/2020 specifying the navigation conditions from May 11. Here are the important information to remember:

1 - Period of application
The decree is valid from May 11th to June 1st 2020

2 - Navigation limit
Navigation is authorized within a perimeter of 54NM from your home port. Port-Médoc will provide you with a certificate of attachment on request.

From Port Napoléon, you can sail east to the bay of Toulon, and west to Sète.

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Warning: stopovers in a port and landings on land must be done in compliance with land measures, and therefore within a radius of 100 km from your home. As the land and sea isochrones are not necessarily identical, we invite you to be vigilant and to make sure that you respect the regulations in force.

3 - Crew
The number of passengers on board is limited to 10 people maximum.

Travelling on land 

1 - In France
From May 11, it will be possible to go out freely in the street without a certificate. However, a limit of 100 km as the crow flies around the place of residence is imposed. A proof of residence will be necessary to circulate in this radius.

Beyond this perimeter, trips must be made for the sole reason of a compelling need (assistance to a vulnerable person, death of a relative, etc.) and be accompanied by a certificate. We are not authorized to provide you with a travel certificate, so we leave this point to your discretion.

2 - Abroad
Restrictions at France's borders with European countries (European Union, SHENGEN area, United Kingdom) will be extended until at least June 15

In order to cross borders with neighboring European countries, certain exemptions will be made possible, such as those concerning the custody, visit or schooling of a child or a compelling economic reason. Travelling to visit one's pleasure boat will not be considered as compelling by the authorities.

The borders with non-European countries will remain closed until further notice.

Information on the operation of the port 

In order to ensure your safety and that of our agents, we have put in place a number of measures in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities:

  • Access to the harbour master's office is limited to a maximum of two people,
  • Establishment of a traffic direction,
  • Display of safety measures to be observed,
  • Installation of a plexiglass panel separating the visitors' area and the harbour master's office, ...

See you soon in your port,
The team Port Napoléon

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